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    Zoe Nesterovitch

    My art explores the relationship between the creator and the creation, and the comparison of modern and traditional art.

    When I was a child I had a book on Greek mythology. This book included the myth of Pygmalion and Galatea which is about a sculptor creating and falling in love with this sculpture, which is then brought to life. After I read this poem I would see this myth in stories and the everyday world. Also as an artist the relationship with your own work can be similar to the myth of Pygmalion or the complete opposite, and different art forms and expressions also have a different relationship between the creator and the creation.

    My work is influenced by various artists including Richard Diebenkorn, Christopher Orr and Dorian Vallejo.

    My paintings are an expression of myself and are represented through various different printmaking and painting media. This allowed me to take my creative ideas further and improve my artistic skills."

    Works by Zoe Nesterovitvh