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    Tatyana Rautenbach

    “I want the person who looks at my work to feel like they have been taken on a journey away from everyday life and its routines. The work conveys colour and beauty which can be so lacking in our lives at times. We moved from South Africa when I was 12 years old. The climate in South Africa both in nature and weather is very different from New Zealand. In South Africa, the amount of senseless violence and unmotivated aggression has led people to live like prisoners in gated houses, never able to enjoy nature and all the possibilities it has to offer. Living in New Zealand, especially in springtime when fresh grass and berries are abundant is wonderful and inspiring. The gift of being able to go out on picnics and outings can only be appreciated fully if it was not always available. All of this is very inspiring and influences my art."

    Works by Tatyana Rautenbach