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    Stefan Millard

    My work was based on a study of pre-digital media; these screen prints I have developed from my drawings to show the importance and value of physical media in an ever more digital time. They also show reproduction techniques and consequently in the hand reproduction errors that are no longer a factor. I believe digital information does not carry the human emotional connection as physical substance.

    I feel as a 17 year old in 2020 I have grown up and experienced the technological shift, from bank cheques, photos, cd's and DVD’s and seen it all switch into digital. And whilst somewhat from nostalgia looking at my albums of old family photos printed i see so much value compared to a phone with thousands of photos. 

    For these screen prints I looked at Andy Warhol's work, the idea he carries in much of his work is the imperfection and deep obsession with the process and value of physical reproduction of visual information. This is what influenced my works as it communicated my idea well.  As well as idea colour and style is notable with bright consistent colour and high contrast."

    Works by Stefan Millard