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    Sophie Yeo

    “My art is created with the intention to really invoke feeling within the viewer, and to advocate for global issues, specifically for child refugees. I believe that humans connect best with humans, and that portraiture is an effective way of representing humanity and emotions in paintings. My paintings are created to provoke a change in how people treat and react to global issues. I want to create a connection between the viewers and my subject, and to humanize these victims of war, making them more than victims of pity, or threats to be feared.

    Living in New Zealand, and especially being in a largely middle-class community, I have found that many people around me experience a disconnect with these issues, thus resulting in apathy and ignorance. Through my paintings, I want to make people empathize and make a difference, no matter how small.”

    “I attended the World Vision Senior Scholarship Week in 2018, where I was told that whatever you do, keep humanity at the heart of it, and I've applied that advice to my dream of helping others through my artistic talents. I have also been a committed member of my school's World Vision Team for the past three years, leading it this year. So far this year, we have raised over $21,000, and are hoping to raise this number over the next terms.”

    “In 2018, for the 40 Hour Famine, I decided to push myself, and do something different to the usual “no food”, and so I painted 40 paintings in 40 hours while fasting. The paintings will be sold to raise more money for World Vision.  It made me realize and really recognize that my challenge was minuscule to the daily struggle of children around the world fleeing from conflict, starving from famine, and parched from drought. I want to use the privilege I have to help others, because I love people, and I want to fight for justice for the betterment of humanity.”

    Works by Sophie Yeo

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