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    Shay Carney

    I think we are too self involved and we move too fast through life. I want people to look around, slow down and see that every little piece of the world is beautiful in its own way. I walk around small towns and big city streets taking photos of day to day life to show this simplicity. I like seeing people appreciate these simpler things and I like to give them another perspective to what might have been seen as regular and normal. Everything has beauty, even in pain and despair. My grandfather was a photographer in Israel. His documentary style comes through in my work. I take photos of rundown buildings, graffiti, windows and doors which were some of his favourite things to photograph. My father was also a photographer and he took photos of disasters and social challenges which inspired some of my work. I’m influenced by artists like Robert Frank. Robert Frank was a Swiss-American photographer famous for his book entitled The Americans. Frank travelled across America by car in 1955 capturing the everyday lives of Americans."

    Works by Shay Carney