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    Shawn Clancy

    Through my art, I hope to inspire an appreciation of nature as well as provoke thoughts about the different ways in which we perceive our surrounding environment. By expressing the many diverse and bewitching forms seen in nature, I aim to communicate the idea that the way in which we experience our environment is ever-changing due to technology and scientific discoveries. From man-made ponds with colourful koi fish to large windmills that are built in the middle of vast ecosystems, the impact of our presence on this earth seeps into many areas of the environment. This influences artwork, landscapes and our perception of how nature is to be treated. The bright almost glowing shades of yellow in my paintings juxtapose the earthy organic tones which are reflective of the contrasting nature of human technology and our environment. Furthermore, these bright colours are used to emphasise the patterns seen in microscopic life throughout my paintings. The inclusion of this layer helps to build on the idea that through technological discoveries such as microscopes our perception of habitats and how they foster life is ever-changing. 

    Growing up I have always been interested in the environment, and specifically marine biology. So much of my experiences with aquatic life have been through digital media. Through watching documentaries and looking at photography, I have gained a fascination for the many forms life can take in nature. Throughout life, I have always had a passion for art and therefore I was able to express my interest in science and nature through drawing. Through my appreciation of science from a young age, I have been able to develop my knowledge of the environment in ways I feel impact my artwork. For example, I am particularly interested in involving the linear patterns seen in microscopic aquatic life which is reflected in some of the art I create.

    Through my work I aim to communicate the beauty of nature and science.Throughout my childhood I have always had an immense interest in nature. Most of the art I have created over the years centres around the theme of nature and science."

    Works by Shawn Clancy