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    Samantha Ferrier

    “The mining industry and life on the West Coast, New Zealand has been a central part of my childhood. I need to understand how this unique, unforgiving place and its people developed over time into the place I know today. Exploring the pathway to the present would enable me to better understand the place I spent my formative years and put to rest any inner conflict I have surrounding the people and community. Now as my time in the area comes to an end, I want answers to the many questions I have; what/who came before and how did they pave the way for those who live their today? What did they endure in the past that set their descendants on such a destructive, conflict-filled path where they are blind to the outside world and ways out? Why do the areas inhabitants now hang on to mining like a life line – is it all they know and have known for over a century? Why do they hang on to the past instead of looking towards the future? I want to explore the gradual decline of the area due to the cyclic nature of boom and bust… of infrastructure, industry, economy and even people/communities. This is visible in the various ghost towns tucked away and scattered around the West Coast region, such as Denniston and Waiuta.”

    Works by Samantha Ferrier