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    Noah Kelly-Foleni

    The main message of my art is mostly to get viewers to see the fundamentals of society and existence. I believe the foundation of humans/ what sets us apart from other animals is our ability to create. I believe that the three fundamentals: humanity, nature and creation push and pull each other to evolve. For example, the natural phenomenon of death causes cultural revolutions in humans, thus resulting in creation such as traditional burial/funeral clothing or colossal and intricate religious buildings—all which stem from something integral to nature. I want people to recognise and appreciate this connection and draw inspiration from each of these fundamentals to go on and improve the world we live in.

    My personal history relates to the art I create as I have a love for biology. Learning about subjects such as ecology, genetics and evolutionary theory makes me understand and therefore appreciate the natural world around me."

    Works by Noah Kelly-Foleni