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    Molly Halpine

    From a young age Molly Halpine has always loved all things creative with a love of painting and drawing. She has an interest in challenging viewers by creating pieces that can be confronting. She has a belief that art has the ability and power to provoke thought that words cannot with visual communication being a universal tool. In particular, she enjoys portraying internal thoughts and emotions externally through surrealist elements. Her specialty is portraiture with a fascination in studying and conveying faces and expression. In her last year of high school in 2018 she completed portfolios for the subjects Painting and Printmaking, receiving an NZQA scholarship for her Painting.
    Molly is currently studying a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication at Ara and intends to pursue a creative career.
    Find Molly on instagram: @mollyhalpine.art

    Works by Molly Halpine