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    Maria Laurie

    “I spend a lot of time outdoors tramping, skiing, adventure racing and mountain biking, and I have always been fascinated by the landscapes and wildlife of Aotearoa. My art is an appreciation of the rivers and mountains and forests I've been lucky enough to explore, and it shows the significance of our natural landscapes to the people and the wildlife within.

    In my work I wanted to explore the surreal world under the surface of the water, combined with the familiarity of house plants. I want my art to give viewers a feeling of being in a dream, with vivid colours and patterns making my art feel both peaceful and chaotic. I have grown up exploring the forests and mountains of Aotearoa, and I've spent plenty of time swimming in lakes, rivers and the ocean. I care deeply about the conservation of the environment, especially the preservation of untouched native forests and clean rivers. My work has always been influenced by nature, from forests to the ocean."

    Works by Maria Laurie