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    Maisie Gallagher

    “In my paintings, I enjoy using colour to represent my mood towards subjects, through paint and prin. I enjoy representing society and popular culture in the way I see it, developing nostalgia for viewers depending on their past experiences.

    Through my travels, I have experienced vastly different cultures, economic imbalances and capitalism, in places such as Dubai, Thailand and Fiji. These places have influenced my ideas and developed how I interpret the world. This is evident in my paintings, where pop culture meets the contrast of the third world and the development of both worlds brought together.

    My prints remark on male and female inequity as a contemporary issue, providing chivalry in a nostalgic notion.

    Whilst using these two different forms of media, paint and print, my thought process behind design development is constructed the same. By using an artist model as an influence, developing my idea through college and then refining them.”

    Works by Maisie Gallagher