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    Madilin Macpherson

    In many of my art pieces I aim to convey a concern for the impact of over-consumption. Most of my portfolios from my time at Papanui High School focus on how over-consumption in our modern society is ruining not only us but the natural world around us. My Print-Making portfolio in Year 12 focused on how human greed and hunger for materialistic possessions in the end harms the planet we live on, including its inhabitants. 

    I am currently in my first year at the Ilam School of Fine Arts, hoping to carry on this message in my future work. I find art an amazing and almost freeing way to express these concerns about our world, as it can be seen and understood by anyone willing to listen. 

    Art is also a tool for me to express my interests in my personal life, and often to purely just create work that is pleasing to the eye for me."

    Works by Madilin Macpherson