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    Lucy Flint

    I think many of my artworks have been influenced by my experience of 2020.  I hoped to convey a message of waiting or dormancy throughout my art, as I have personally felt like the Covid-19 outbreak tainted a large majority of this year with inactivity and boredom due to lockdown as well as many events and activities having to be cancelled. I started creating a lot of my art this year during lockdown and amongst the Covid-19 outbreak, I think my experience throughout this event has been reflected through my paintings. I have focused solely on depicting singular figures placed in isolation and I think this subject matter communicates the feeling of solitude that I felt myself during lockdown.

    'Cinema' and 'Paparazzi' focus on a specific moment in history and explore the era of Classic Hollywood from the 1950s to 60s. I really wanted to communicate the feeling of this time period and make my artworks feel like they were a part of this era. Because of this, I tried to focus heavily on themes of nostalgia and depicted vintage photos and objects as well as drawing inspiration from 1950s pop artists.  

    I've been watching old movies with my parents since I was young and have always been attracted to this era of Hollywood, particularly the 1950s. I found it really gratifying to be able to interpret this subject matter my own way through my art, and loved being able to portray some of the famous actresses that I idolised growing up."

    Works by Lucy Flint