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    Kyra Elliott

    “My artwork sheds light on the forgotten gems within society and the vital role they play for younger generations. Our elderly have lived entire lifetimes, making them the holders of a type of knowledge that can’t be obtained from books or the internet. For curious youth, it is important we learn from our elders as to not lose touch with this unspoken source of wisdom in the modern day.

    ‘In The Blink of An Eye’ touches upon the lifetimes our elderly have lived and the rich journey that can be seen in the twinkle of their eye.

    ‘Adornments of Time’ demonstrates times effect on the body. Time is an artist, one with a knack for intricate, delicate and natural markings.

    ‘The Curious’ and ‘The Storyteller’ are paired artworks featuring the eager, outstretched hand of a child and the mature, patient hand of an old individual reaching for each other. This represents the exchange of knowledge between generations and that it is in fact a two-way road.”

    Works by Kyra Elliott