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    Kaitlyn Courtney

    My art explores the theme of dissociation and feeling lost within your mind, which was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. An object which I felt related to this was chamomile, a flower known to help relax one. I felt using black pens to create this artwork helped show a more abstract side to the piece through multiple techniques.

    We all go through stages in life where we feel lost, wishing we could escape. I wanted to help convey this emotion and feeling we've all experienced through art that was almost in a wonderland state. I relate to this as I, like most people, have had my days of wishing to escape reality. These chamomiles explored this theme and I felt passionate about showing them in a unique way using black pens and unique techniques to communicate a more obscure way of viewing these delicate flowers."

    Works by Kaitlyn Courtney

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