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    Joseph Davidson-Labout

    I want to show a romanticised view of urbanity and a sense of urban isolation and stillness. There are no people in most of my work; the emphasis lies on structures and space around them, and the emotions they evoke.

    Photography naturally became my medium of choice, not only because of my dad's background in photography but also because I find something so inherently beautiful and mesmerising about having the ability to form an image from light, there really is something magical about watching your print appear in the developer in the darkroom. But in terms of my subject matter, I find myself attracted to scenes in urban environments and in the city because—like many people—the city has shaped who I am and how I view the world. It's an incredibly vital part of our society.

    While much of my work, including 'The Quay', starts with me in the darkroom developing film, I find my workflow becoming increasingly digitised as I move forward investigating a possible career in photojournalism."

    Works by Joseph Davidson-Labout