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    Jessie Davidson

    These works explore the stories of the women in my family, the traditions they began, and the challenges they faced. These women created the bonds that have brought my family together throughout many years, especially with family meals and gatherings – this is where my primary subject matter came from (my female ancestors’ plates, tea sets, and cutlery). These women faced challenges throughout their lives such as loss, World War II, mental health, and the great depression, yet they always persevered for their family.

    I read through my female ancestors' diaries to fully understand their experiences. I explored how the language of flowers could be used to further communicate their stories and their meanings. Symbolisms like breaking the plates, and then bringing the shards back together using the Japanese technique of fixing plates, Kintsugi. It reveals the strength of these women, and also shows that this strength is within everyone when overcoming challenging circumstances.

    My female ancestors are incredibly important figures for my family, and I’m honoured to carry on their legacy through my paintings. These women demonstrated inspiring levels of strength and love for our family. They’ve created the unbreakable bonds that tie our family together, and will continue to tie us together for generations to come."

    Works by Jessie Davidson