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    Jasper Fischer

    The main message I want to communicate to viewers is to do with philosophy and the way we act and interact in today's society. If you look at the wider picture and the grand scheme of things, whatever you do in life doesn’t matter. I hope people will realise this and question themselves on regrets they might have or things they wish they had done. People should take risks, try new things and feel more comfortable with being themselves (messages expressed in my neo-expressionism, contemporary art). I’m also expressing ideas of being a ‘fake’ or the ‘real’ version of yourself in society, where you may act or think differently to fit in. Trying to alter people's opinions of yourself, instead of just being yourself and caring about no one's opinions apart from yours. I relate to the ideas in my art on a daily basis. Recognising the limits I put on myself and limits others put on themselves because of the opinions people might have and because of family/friends/society expectations."

    Works by Jasper Fischer