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    Jaksyn Hocking

    “I want to depict the feminine energy and spirit, to give the viewer a sense of the feeling of Femininity rather than the stereotypes and typical thoughts that we associate with Femininity. I want to make clear to the viewer that we don’t have to identify as female to be feminine, both men and women have a side of femininity whether we acknowledge it or not. For everyone this looks different, but for me I paint how I see it. I do identify as male and am content with my gender, my whole life I have been extremely feminine and flamboyant. Not everyone tends to be supportive nor respectful towards feminine men, most people don’t understand that as humans we have both Feminine and Masculine energy. With my art I have been able to show another side of my feminine energy. I want viewers to see that being comfortable and content with both sides has a sense of beauty and grace that we shouldn’t fear."

    Works by Jaksyn Hocking