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    Jack Williams

    “The overall investigated theme could be summed together as the perception of our natural state to what surrounds us – the illusive nature we live in and how we perceive this. Further, about how the eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend, and pushing the boundary to generate a surreal and unknown environment. Illusions take the mind’s eye and conjures scenarios that emulate a dream-like feeling. With light being a central subject matter, this brings the play on the presence or lack of – generating differences between fiction, illusion, dreams, nightmares and the way we perceive life. A play on scale or magnification using light brings the question of ‘is this real?’. The term phantasmagoria is defined as a sequence of real or imaginary images or scenarios like that seen in a dream; questioning reality. Taken from interests in subjects like Biology and Physics – taking the astronomy/vast ideas into an art form. Thinking of refraction of light, the deepness of space and time – features of people like the linear and random structures and characteristics defining an individual. Plays to a physiological aspect – delving into the thought/dream processes and perceptions and perspectives from a literal point of view.”

    Works by Jack Williams

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