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    Isabella Kenton-Dau

    “My message that I want to communicate is appreciation of the beauty of nature around us, with a special focus on my homeland – Aotearoa.

    I have lived in NZ my whole life and so have had the opportunity to see quite a bit of the beautiful scenery NZ has to offer.

    I'm really passionate about painting animals, and I think that art is such a great way to let your creativity flow.

    Now 17, I had my first exhibition at the age of 8 with my twin sister where I sold 15 artworks. Since then, I have illustrated a book (Anna and the Whale) which is currently listed on Amazon.com and have also sold many pieces to private collections in NZ, Japan, Australia and America.  

    Please feel free to check out my website, www.artiztic.com"

    Works by Isabella Kenton-Dau