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    Ian Thomas

    What if the trials of this life, are mercies in disguise?” -Laura Story

    If I’m honest, the quote sums up my life and this photo. I never really intended my art to be a reflection of the emotional state I’m currently in, but I found myself over the course of the past year feeling more and more like this sailboat. Ironically the photo was taken with gladness, only a day before my sister was married at Camp Letts, Maryland USA. I could go on to no avail about the composition or the editing, but I’ll leave you with this. A sailboat is designed, destined and driven to soar above the waves. In the same way, humans are meant to rise above the expectations and soar above the waves of life. Yet so many of us tend to doubt our God given abilities and choose to “weigh anchor” never moving… ever docile… and eventually waist away.

    My art, though only a simple boat, is a reminder to me that even when life pulls you down and you can’t do anything about it, don’t let yourself get tied up and waist away. Always look for the Good and if there is none, create it. Share a laugh, find a friend, be a comforter, but never stop moving forward. Otherwise, you’ll find that you are tied up to a dock with nothing or no one to see you grow. The potential is all there to soar so where is your faith to pursue it?"

    Works by Ian Thomas