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    Hunter Paull

    “Throughout my photographs, I like to portray the message of how insignificant humans are compared to the vast dangerous landscape of New Zealand. My main message through my landscape images isn't just to capture the beauty of the New Zealand landscape but yet the power of them. Depending on the scene, I either try to compose these images to make the landscapes look fierce and dangerous to the viewer but sometimes I choose to create a dreamy/softer touch to the image.”

    “My photographs have been majorly influenced by my youth. Throughout my younger childhood days, I never explored much of the outdoors because of my interest in other indoor hobbies. It wasn't until I got into Downhill Mountain biking when I was 13, I began to realise that there were things to see and do outside of this screen world. From there I began to get more into outdoor activities which exposed me to the spectacular New Zealand landscapes. This has shaped the way I represent these landscapes in my photographs because I have personally seen how powerful and dangerous, they are first hand. I also have a fresh viewpoint to these landscapes because I wasn't raised around them which has made me appreciate them so much more.”

    Works by Hunter Paull