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    Hayley Murray

    I want viewers to gain an appreciation for nature, through me expressing my own love for it through art. I think that this connection to the land we live on and the organisms that inhibit it, is really important for us to be able to protect and enjoy it. I think as young people we either get taught to love and respect it, or we don't. I want more people; especially kids, to be able to grow that relationship with nature and the world around them so that we can truly appreciate and make the most of our beautiful surroundings.

    I have grown up in the outdoors, whether on the farm or out exploring in the bush, and through this I have been able to see and appreciate many beautiful things that New Zealand has to offer. Through these experiences I have learnt how valuable and precious our ecosystem is. This leads me to want other people to feel the same connection as I do, so that they also see this beauty, and wish to protect and experience our native flora and fauna for themselves."

    Works by Hayley Murray