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    Evie Ashby

    My work often takes inspiration from everyday scenes. As I’ve grown up I’ve realised that the connections that you have with your family and friends can create a buffer against the harsh realities of this world. These experiences influence the way that I notice and capture moments of simple joy and connection. I want my audience to feel like they can relate to the universal experience of connection in their own personal way. In each painting the world around the figures is blurred and messy, giving spotlight to what I want my audience to pay the most attention to. There is an unusual tension amongst the groups of people, the murky colours add to the feeling of discomfort. During the pandemic, solitude and isolation became habitual. It affected the way we interact with people. focusing on moments of human connection with this in mind meant capturing the slight distance between people and awkward silences. With influence from artists such as Kate Gottgens, Joanna Margaret Paul and Edward Hopper; I try to capture voyeurism abstraction and documentation in these works with my use of colour and line."

    Works by Evie Ashby