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    Evangeline George

    “Living biracial is something that makes me feel like an outsider/imposter in my own country and around my own people. It's something I can’t fix or change because it's in my blood. What made it especially difficult living as biracial, is that my parents are divorced so my two cultures/races feel very separate from one another. The best thing I can do is change my mindset and how I look at my own life. I like to find happiness in what I have and try to embrace both parts of my racial identity rather than running from it all. Through my art, I wanted to portray my inner self-conflict and the dilemmas that I have experienced as half Pakeha and Indian in New Zealand. Figuring out how I identify is a long and hard journey and there's always conflict which I've shown through the Tui’s (representing the Pakeha side of me) and the orange tigers (representing the Indian side)."

    Works by Evangeline George