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    Emma Patmore

    Emma Patmore is a first-year graphic design student at Ara Institute of Canterbury. Her paintings are influenced by many different cultures including Japan, where she lived as a child. Emma works with acrylic paint, coloured ink pens and various paper. She enjoys painting people and Asian inspired patterns. Emma’s paintings are entirely her own imagination, reflecting on her own experiences. She regularly paints and uploads her paintings onto Instagram.

    “I want viewers to understand my interest towards the endless experimentation of fashion, and how it reflects someone's personality and beliefs. I hope that when people look at my work, they will be able to know what my personality is like, and how I was feeling during the time I was painting that particular painting. I believe that at times, people express their personality through fashion, as they are not confident with their interaction with those around them.

    Moving from Japan to New Zealand at a young age has affected my ability to put thoughts into words due to a lack of confidence. Communicating through my paintings has enabled me to express my ideas and opinions in an obscured method; without having to explicitly voice these thoughts.”

    Works by Emma Patmore