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    Emma Lilly

    “My theme and idea for my 2019 folio is pollution and decay of the environment due to human destruction and interference. I want people to appreciate the natural beauty of our environments because they can be the most breathtaking and introspective things.

    I have always spent my childhood in places like Golden Bay and Kaikoura with incredible views of the sea crashing against the rocks. Rocky sea landscapes have always been something that fascinated me because of the violent but beautiful nature of the sea.

    Art is something I am so passionate about and it has shaped my life from such a young age. I have spent hours upon hours perfecting technique and experimenting with different mediums and subject matter.

    My main theme through out my art in 2020 is music. I wanted to focus on how music impacts people from a young age and helps them develop into the people they are today. I also wanted to focus on specific role models and idols in music I personally look up to music has always been a big part of my life and still is today. It is one of my biggest passions and I have loved combining my passion of music with my love of creating art. Some of my favourite artist models are: Hattie Stewart, Andy Warhol, and Giorgio de Chirico."

    Works by Emma Lilly