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    Emma Kim

    ‘Not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others.’

    "A secret.

    What is a secret?

    This singular word is an adjective, a word itself that contains many hidden meanings, a word without boundaries, a puzzle and a total mystery.

    My message is that everyone has a secret, whether it may be dark or embarrassing. This painting as shown indubitably is of a clown. What is your bias or prejudice thoughts towards clowns? Well before this generation classified clowns under the genre of horror, clowns were known to be the laugh of parties, goofy, fun and dumb it was hard and uncommon to imagine a single one of them sad nor depressed because of their upheld image from circuses. This clown has many hidden secrets behind his permanent smile but because of his reputation as a barrier he keeps it buried deep inside, he is in the dark away from others where he can truly only be himself, alone. I applied opaque colours to portray this young boys' concealed emotions to contrast the idea of horror and mysteries. I have attempted to express this throughout my painting by my selection of shades, along with the contribution of adding rough strokes from my fine brush on this original plain white paper to indicate and emphasize the impression for the viewers that my little clown boy has rather an uncontrolled and disorganized soul. The title “Speak for Me’ is an accurate representation of what I desire viewers to see, I want viewers to openly classify and self-analyse this painting to try and understand my clown boy themselves.”

    Works by Emma Kim

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