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    Breana Vosper

    I want to portray an idea of introspection to my viewers; an incentive to look more curiously and gently into the environment around us and how it interacts with features we can observe. I want them to feel a sense of softness within my work, showing how we should treat the precious facets of nature in everyday life, as it is where we came from.

    I lived in Japan when I was younger, and so I have found some Japanese influences in my artwork, such as subject matter, and conventions like space and colour. I currently live in Diamond Harbour surrounded by nature, so I find myself easily slipping into investigations of the environment around me, often noticing things like light and patterns.

    I started experimenting with oils at the beginning of 2021 and found that they allowed me to create a soft, hazy and entirely natural effect that I hadn't found in acrylics, which allowed me to better explore my subject matter, and so this became my primary medium."

    Works by Breana Vosper