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    Boston Beanland

    “My main message to viewers is even though all children are innocent, some are born into a poverty-stricken society and are totally "forgotten" about by those more fortunate families.  Poverty is everywhere, something we can't and shouldn't ignore.  The emotional toll that this unchosen lifestyle takes on children is forever etched on their faces.

    As a member of a privileged society, I sometimes can, and do, take my lifestyle for granted and therefore through my art, I portray that there are so many children worse off than me, and so in creating my pieces it teaches me to not be so selfish and to acknowledge those in need and doing what I can to pay it forward.

    The main message I want to communicate in my recent work is humans versus nature - we need to work together to change the outcome. I love both humans and nature and I treat both with respect,  as we all should.  We can co-exist on our planet.

    Works by Boston Beanland