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    Annabelle Goodwin

    "I wanted to convey the idea of actively trying to see the beauty in life. To begin my painting process, I look for one image to stem as my inspiration for the piece. Whether it be through the images' use of colour, form or composition. This initial image helps me in deciding the style I want to paint it in as well as the mood I want my painting to portray. I want the viewer to notice the beauty and simplicity of the things around them, and furthermore how such beauty can evoke emotion.

    My work 'Verona' is based around the concept of a dreamscape. My figures were often placed in natural settings, and this aspect of my art asks the viewer to reflect upon their own relationship with nature. 

    I have always enjoyed the feeling of being totally overwhelmed by your surroundings, as it puts a lot of things into perspective. Nature always gives me a sense of optimism about life, as no matter what I do the rest of the world will continue on. I wanted to portray this optimism in a dreamscape, as naturally I think of dreams to be rather optimistic and hopeful experiences."

    Works by Annabelle Goodwin