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    Anna Wilkinson

    “In these paintings, I want to explore the relationship between people and water. As water is essential to life, it is undeniably important. The connection between humans and water is timeless and universal – whether it flows in abundance or becomes scarce. Water has the potential for uncertainty and chaos, as well as its ability to restore, calm, and transport us with its dream-like powers. My hope for these pieces is to convey how water weaves itself into our daily lives, shaping each individual in one way or another. Personally, water provides me with a sanctuary to discover myself and ponder my anxieties. Through my experiences swimming, lifeguarding, and time spent near water, I have formed a connection with it. Water gives me time to pause and reflect on myself, as well as explore and be refreshed by its transformative properties. Through these paintings, I hope to share my personal journey of self-discovery, and the challenges that I am yet to overcome."

    Works by Anna Wilkinson