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    Angela Caisip

    “My main message is for others to be comfortable in their own skin and feel proud of who they are. Although my art examples may show different ideas, it mostly focuses on humanity and how societal norms and expectations affect how we act, react, think and speak among others. It explores the concept that there are many instances where we are forced to fit into the norms of society, that we can alter the effect of other people's opinion has on us, and that we can break out if we realise we are more than what others say we are and we start to value our self-worth. I like to explore both sides of our lives, the internal and external, not only the pressures exerted upon us by the society and also our innate power to resist such pressures and be who and how we want to be.

    I want others to feel empowered by my art. Hopefully, it makes them think creatively and come up with their own interpretations and perspectives of my artwork.”

    Works by Angela Caisip