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    Amy Carpenter

    The main message I want my art to communicate to viewers is the way children are able to find a new world through books and their imagination. I explored the idea of fiction verses reality; fiction can often be quite comforting and more exciting when compared to reality. I have often found myself turning to books as a form of escapism during difficult times in my life. I want to recreate that feeling I had felt in those moments, being able to find comfort in the pages of books. I have also turned to art as a way to express my feelings and turn them into something beautiful.

    Artist that influenced my artwork this year include Pilar Lopez Baez, Jeremy Miranda, Shaun Tan, Jessica Hass and Mark Ryden. Artists that I like outside of art at school include Craig Platt, Sofia Minson and Flox as I really enjoy NZ artists."

    Works by Amy Carpenter